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A casement window is a type of window that is hinged on one side and opens outward like a door. It is operated with a crank mechanism, allowing the window to swing open and close easily. Casement windows are really versatile and provide a clear, unobstructed view when open because there is no central rail or stile. 

We have designed a range of timber Casement Windows with high performance double glazing used as standard. Our suite comprises six forms, each of which has been developed to suit a specific tradition or period of British architecture.



Factory applied micro-porous coatings, using a three coat paint or stain system in a vast selection of colour options, providing maximum protection but minimal maintenance.
Multi-layer engineered timber sections to resist warping and twisting, keeping your windows functioning beautifully all year round.
Multi-point locking mechanisms provide advanced security levels.
Made to measure specifically for the requirements of you and your home, available in both flush and lipped (stormproof) designs.
Enhanced thermally insulating glass creating glazing units almost twice as effective as ordinary double glazing, with internal beading (fitted from room side) for optimum security.
Available in Traditional and Contemporary styles with fully customisable glazing bar or lead designs, along with stained glass and etched patterns.
Extensive range of elegant ironmongery options to give modern or period touches, including the beautiful Samuel Heath range.
Robust, industry leading guarantees.

Which style of Casement Window is right for your home?

We have designed a range of timber Casement Windows with high performance double glazing used as standard. Our suite comprises six forms, each of which has been developed to suit a specific tradition or period of British architecture.

Timber Casement Windows

The original and by far our most popular casement window, the flush casement suits properties of all ages and styles.

From the outside the flush casement, as the name suggests is completely flat, bringing a simple elegancy to the finish. Unlike other flush casements, there is no external beading at the bottom of the glass to allow for drainage as our unique design has overcome that obstacle, so when we say flush, we mean flush.

For the traditionalists you can opt for a pivot hinge which allows each casement to open with ease to 90 degrees which is then held in place by a peg stay, or as standard we use a modern friction hinge which not only provides a more cost effective option, but also allows you to open the window to any angle you like without the requirement of a peg stay.

Our flush casement windows are incredibly versatile and can incorporate aged solder jointed lead or glazing bars in any layout to either match your original window or bring your home to life with a fresh, new, yet sympathetic look.



Available in

  • uPVC
  • Timber
  • Aluminium

Cottage Casement

Almost identical to the flush casement, the cottage casement is a bespoke, specialised window, designed with cottages in mind.

Architecturally, cottages typically have smaller windows than most other properties meaning that installing standard flush casements can often detract from both the aesthetics and the amount of light which is let in.

Our cottage casement is manufactured using slimmer proportions than the flush casement which maximises the amount of glass on view, allowing more light to flood in to the room. Furthermore, to increase the ventilation, each individual window sits on its own pivot hinge, allowing both to open fully, similar to how a French door would work.

With the same comprehensive range of furniture and customisation options, the cottage casement is ideal for those with the right type of property or anyone who is looking to maximise the amount of light they receive.

Deco Casement

A unique and magnificent take on the casement window, so called because it is synonymous with designs from from the 1920s and 1930s.

Instead of being completely flush from the outside, the deco casement window has distinct timber sections running around the entire frame of the window as well as across and down the transom and mullions.

This creates a visually stunning casement window with an intricate deep looking frame protruding further than the casements themselves.

Again there is an almost limitless range of furniture options, finishes and paint colours to choose from. The deco casement window is a must have for those looking to add a little gravitas to their flush casements.

Stormproof Casement

Often called a ‘lipped casement’, the stormproof casement is a more modern development and can often be found on newer developments from the mid 20th century onwards. Their key feature is having the actual casement of the window, sitting proudly on top of the frame.

This lip was designed in order to provide an additional weather proof barrier on the window, hence the name ‘stormproof’.

Like our other casement windows, you have the same extensive choices when it comes to your window fittings and finishes, as well as your colour choices.

Today, our windows are so well designed and full of clever technical innovations, that for most people, the difference between our flush and stormproof casements is primarily an aesthetic one.

However, if you are in a particularly exposed environment and your windows do suffer from some of nature’s more ferocious elements, then our stormproof casement is ideal for you by offering just that little bit extra protection and performance.

Tilt/Turn Casement

A contemporary and continental style of casement window offering greater versatility with a dual hinge system allowing you to open the window in to the room either by tilting down from the top, or turning inwards to the room.

Hailing from Germany, the tilt & turn casement has become one of the most popular types of casements across mainland Europe.

Famed for its sleek contemporary design, and sharp angles, the tilt & turn’s versatility and practicality is now making it one of the most desirable casement styles in the United Kingdom.

Our tilt & turn casements come with the same attention to detail and quality that you would expect from our products, as well as a range of furniture options.

If you have a modern property, are employing a contemporary scheme or indeed looking for a window that offers you a more practical solution, then you need look no further than the tilt and turn window.









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